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Explore how data-informed differentiation, driven by assessment and meaningful tasks, will enable you to better assist your learners in achieving academic success.



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School and District Leaders

Leading for Differentiation

The Need for Differentiation
The Principles That Support Differentiation
How Teachers Differentiate
Differentiated Instruction and Student-Centered Learning
Supporting a Schoolwide Growth Mindset with Differentiated Instruction
Keys to Successful Management of Differentiation

Using Data and Assessment to Drive Instruction

Data Literacy
Data Analysis
Create and Communicate Learning Targets
Formative Assessment
Questioning Strategies
Unpacking Grading Practices

Classroom Leaders

Designing Meaningful Tasks and Assessments

Assessment and Motivation
Task Authenticity, Rigor, and Relevance
Elements of Performance-Based Tasks and Assessments
Unpacking Standards to Identify Learning Goals
Developing Independent Learners
Differentiating Tasks and Assessments

Differentiated Instruction

Key Elements of Differentiated Instruction
Beliefs and Non-negotiables That Guide Differentiated Instruction
Getting Started with Differentiated Instruction
Planning Lessons by Readiness, Interest, and Learning Profiles
Strategies for Managing a Differentiated Classroom
Teacher Feedback

Formative Assessment

Adapting Instruction
Better Questions, Deeper Learning
Making Learning Expectations Clear
Meaningful Feedback
Sharing Responsibility for Learning
What is Formative Assessment?