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Educational equity requires looking closely at inherited policies, practices, and assumptions and taking strategic steps to improve learning opportunities and outcomes for students. Build your cultural competence to dismantle racial bias and create inclusive and equitable classrooms. Learn strategies to address specific areas for your district, school, and classroom leaders.
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School and District Leaders

Building Cultural Competence

Understanding the Impact of Inequity
Understanding Systemic Effects of Racism, Bias, and Privilege
Courageous Conversations with Staff, Families, and Communities
Developing Equitable Goals
Coaching for Equity and Inclusion
Data and Evaluation

Dismantling Racial Bias

History of Educational Racial Injustice
Defining Racial Bias
Facilitating Conversations About Race
A Color-Aware Approach to Data
Understanding Equity
A Culture of Inclusiveness

District-Level Equity

District Stance on Equity
Equitable Opportunities to Learn
Equity in the Organizational Climate

Classroom Leaders

Equitable Classrooms

Ensuring Diversity in Curricular Materials
Selecting Diverse Texts
Creating Culturally Relevant Lessons
Knowing the Learner
Culturally Responsive Learning Environments
Bringing Family in the Classroom

Culturally Inclusive Teaching

Designing Authentic Performance Tasks
Embracing a Culture of Belonging
Equitable Grading Practices
Equitable Practices and Strategies
Fostering a Student Worldview
Creating a Space of Trust