Achieve Your School or District Goals with Proven Professional Learning

Take your leadership to the next level and lead by design. Work collaboratively with a network of peers to discover new ways to build your executive skills, adaptive and instructional leadership, and restorative practices while fostering social awareness and student voice.
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Take a deeper dive into topics
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Targeted professional development that promotes creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

School and District Leaders

Being an Adaptive Leader

Cultivating Shared Vision
Decision Making 101
Influencing Outcomes
Building Emotional Intelligence
Cultivating Shared Leadership
Professional Learning and Development

Instructional Leadership

Focus on Learning
Leading a Learning Community
Data-Based Decision Making
Improve Instruction
Curriculum Leadership
Constructive Teacher Evaluation

Being an Effective Leader

Communicating Effectively
Creating Strategy and Goals
Distributed Leadership Strategies
Measuring and Analyzing Impact
Building Relationships and Culture
Resolving Conflict and Overcoming Adversity

Leading Professional Learning

Developing Purposeful Learning Communities
Evaluating Professional Learning and Implementation
Identifying and Supporting Teacher Leaders
Job-Embedded Professional Learning
Learning with Colleagues
Protocols to Work and Learn Collaboratively

Classroom Leaders

Fostering Social Awareness and Student Voice

Establishing Relationship-Building Routines
Designing Collaborative Learning Experiences
Engaging Through Problem Solving
Critical Dialogue and Healthy Dissent
Building Trust
Student Voice, Agency, and Responsibility

Restorative Practices

Building Relationships
Promoting Inclusivity
Reflective Decision Making
Partnering with Families and Communities
Fostering Empathy and Responsibility
Understanding Restorative Practice