Day 1: Cultural Competence and Equity


Free Resources:

  • Building Racial Justice and Equity
    Access free resources to help you as we collectively do the work to dismantle racism at every level—individual, institutional, structural—and educate ourselves to do and be better.
  • Webinar: The Innocent Classroom
    Alexs Pate, creator of the Innocent Classroom and author of The Innocent Classroom, will help educators understand key Innocent Classroom concepts and how to apply those concepts to undermine racial bias in their classrooms and schools.
Books for purchase:
  • The Innocent Classroom: Dismantling Racial Bias to Support Students of Color 
    Readers will embark on a relationship "construction project," in which they will deepen their understanding of how children of color are burdened with guilt; discover students' "good," or the motivation behind their behaviors, and develop strategic responses to that good; and nurture, protect, and advocate for students' innocence.

Day 2: Symposium: Student Success in the Early Grades


Join us for this virtual event on December 9 as we dive into what educators need to know to help early elementary students develop the academic and social-emotional skills they need to thrive.

Featuring Actor, Author, and Philanthropist LeVar Burton

In 2012, Burton and his team created Skybrary and Skybrary School, a carefully curated, ever-expanding, and interactive library of digital books and video explorations hosted by everyone's favorite storyteller: LeVar Burton himself. It is the go-to, award-winning digital library for parents and teachers to engage young readers and foster a lifelong love of learning. In 2019, Burton donated the Skybrary service to the leading literacy nonprofit organization, Reading Is Fundamental, in hopes of bringing books to millions of more kids.

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Day 3: Webinar—Solving Academic and Behavior Problems in a Remote Environment

Day 3 TW 960X512
December 10, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. eastern time
Sign up for a close look at proven ways to relieve the five biggest stressors of teaching in a remote or hybrid setting. Using the strengths-based approach of Appreciative Inquiry, Margaret Searle and Marilyn Swartz will walk you through a problem-solving process that helps you apply your past successes to resolve new and unfamiliar challenges.

You’ll learn:

  • Processes to reduce the overwhelming workload by working efficiently as a team.
  • Tools that make it easy to identify student strengths as well as opportunities for academic and social-emotional growth.
  • Strategies for partnering with parents and gaining their support.
  • Ways to build solid relationships with students and keep them engaged.
  • How to use the five-whys technique to uncover the hidden barriers hindering achievement.

Day 4: New Release Books on Student Learning & Engagement


  • Principles and Practices for Effective Blended Learning
    In this laminated guide, Kristina J. Doubet and Eric M. Carbaugh share a purposeful and systematic way to combine traditional face-to-face schooling with online instruction to help learners achieve a variety of outcomes.          

Day 5: Curriculum and Instruction


Free resource:

  • 6 Non-Negotiables of Curriculum Design
    Curriculum leadership involves collaboration across schools, a district vision, communication, reflection, specific learning goals and a method for measuring student understanding. Here are six key considerations.

Books for purchase:

Day 6: Leadership and Management Resources


Free resource:

Books for purchase:

Day 7: Leadership Summit on Educator Mental Health and Wellness

Join us live on January 27–29, 2021, or register to access on-demand through March 25, 2021!
In this ASCD Leadership Summit, formerly known as the ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership, we'll delve into how to create better support in our schools to help prevent burnout, depression, and anxiety.


You'll learn the skills and strategies school and district leaders need to know to better support teachers’ mental health and wellness.


Day 8: Social-Emotional Learning Resources


Free Resource:

Books for Purchase:

Day 9: Educational Leadership—Mental Health for Educators


The December 2020 / January 2021 issue of Educational Leadership® highlights ideas and programs for promoting teacher well-being and mental health and explore ways schools can provide better supports to help stave off burnout, depression, and anxiety.

Educator mental health need not be the "elephant in the classroom" any longer!

Free articles:

  • Coping with Change and Uncertainty by Phyllis L. Fagell
    How educators can regain a sense of control during these tumultuous times.

  • Opening Up About Mental Illness by Sydney Chaffee
    A Teacher of the Year’s struggle with anxiety opened her eyes to the stigma around educators’ mental health issues.

  • Teaching While Black: An Open Letter to School Leaders by Sharif El-Mekki
    To better support Black educators, schools need a stronger grasp of their realities.

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Day 10: Editor's Picks for 2020


Day 11: Technology and Hybrid Learning


Free resources:

Resources for purchase: 

  • Distance Learning Essentials 
    In this laminated quick reference guide, Monica Burns walks teachers of grades 4–12 through the five essentials of distance learning in synchronous and asynchronous environments.

  • Classroom Technology Tips 
    In this quick reference guide, Monica Burns provides expert advice to help teachers take full advantage of EdTech’s potential.

  • Demonstrating Mastery with Digital Badges and Portfolios
    In this book, David Niguidula shows how students can meet standards and express their individuality through digital badges and portfolios.
  • Tasks Before Apps
    Educator and technology consultant Monica Burns shares strategies, tools, and insights that teachers can use, regardless of subject or grade level, to effectively incorporate technology in the classroom. 

Day 12: ASCD Membership


At ASCD, we know that you want to be a life-changing educator and leader. In order to do that, you need a trusted and supportive community of educators and a source for classroom and leadership content. The problem is that teaching and leading presents new challenges every day, which makes you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. We believe you shouldn’t have to figure it out alone.​

We’re in this together, and here’s where you can start:

  1. Connect with a community, ​
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So, join now and avoid feeling isolated and overwhelmed trying to find the solutions you need and instead be part of a community that helps you reach your potential so that your students reach theirs.

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