At ASCD, we believe that Black Lives Matter, and we are dedicated to supporting our educators and students, as well as school districts and communities. We’re here to help advance an education system where social justice and equity are cornerstones.
Here are three carefully selected resources that focus on culturally responsive teaching.

How to Be an Antiracist Educator


Stand up for your students—be an antiracist educator. This newsletter article provides actionable tips and questions to help start the self-reflection process.

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Confronting Inequity / The Trauma We Don't See


Support students in recognizing their gifts and possibilities. Learn how to confront inequity and help students with the trauma we don’t see.

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Finding the Courage to be Specific About Systemic Racism in Education

Pretty teacher using laptop in computer class at the elementary school

This blog article dismantles the idea of our closely held assumptions that standardized testing is the measure of intelligence. Learn about other ways racism can be present in our educational system and how to find the courage to prevent it.

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