Serving the Needs of Our Students in Poverty

If we've learned anything from this pandemic, it's that our most vulnerable students suffered the most, including students in poverty, whether in rural, suburban, or urban schools. This has been a traumatic year, and we know that student well-being alongside academic progress will be top of mind for you come fall.

Let ASCD help you level the playing field for students in poverty. Start with articles on engagement and the brain to build your background knowledge on how poverty impacts learning. Gain inspiration from 12 high-performing, high-poverty schools in a popular webinar with William Parrett and Kathleen Budge on ensuring equity. Discover easy-to-implement tips and strategies in our Quick Reference Guides on essential topics like teaching vocabulary, by Marilee Sprenger; engaging students in math, by Jennifer Bay-Williams and Gina Kling; preventing bullying, by Barbara Coloroso and supporting students living with adversity, by Debbie Zacarian and Lourdes Alvarez-Ortiz. For a deeper dive, reach for Disrupting Poverty: Five Powerful Classroom Practices by Kathleen Budge and William H. Parrett or one of our other books to find new insights and ideas for addressing what your students and schools need most.

Get started right away by selecting from this curated list of the resources you need for your staff now.

Use the Brain's Resilience to Teach Beyond Poverty
by Clare Struck

How Poverty Affects Classroom Engagemen
by Eric Jensen

Quick Reference Guides

QRG_TeachingStudents_240X240Teaching Students from Poverty
by Eric Jensen


QRG_GameAndTools_240X240Games and Tools for Teaching Addition Facts
by Jennifer Bay-Williams and Gina Kling


QRG_IncreasingEngagement_240X240Engaging Students in Reading All Types of Text
by Pam Allyn and Monica Burns

QRG_EverydayVocabStrategiesEveryday Vocabulary Strategies
by Marilee Sprenger


QRG_TeachingSupporting_240X240Teaching and Supporting Students Living with Adversity
by Debbie Zacarian and Lourdes Alvarez-Ortiz


QRG_AddressingBullying_240X240Addressing and Preventing Classroom Bullying
by Barbara Coloroso

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