Social-Emotional Learning and Trauma-Informed Practices For Your School or District

If we've learned anything from this pandemic, it's that we absolutely must pay attention to the well-being of students, staff, and ourselves. As leaders in education, we need to focus on students as people and engage them as people. This has been a traumatic year and it's going to show up in the ways students act and interact come fall. This summer has been referred to as a time for recovery and rebuilding, a time to focus on supporting student and educator well-being to ensure overall academic progress.

Let ASCD help you navigate these times with professional materials for SEL you can use with your staff this summer. Start with the article on Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies. There are several great articles in the Educational Leadership® issue The Promise of Social Emotional Learning.

To prepare your staff, grab one or more of the Quick Reference Guides or move right into one of our book titles like Jeffrey Benson's Improve Every Lesson Plan with SEL.

Get started right away—select the articles and resources you need for your staff now.

Podcast_IconSEL: The Formative Five Successful Skills for Students and Staff
with Kyle Hamstra with Thomas Hoerr


Webinar_IconHow to Integrate SEL into Learning – Distance or Otherwise
with Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

Quick Reference Guides

QRG_CreatingTraumaSensitive_240X240Creating a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom
by Kristin Souers and Pete Hall


QRG_TraumaInvested_240X240Trauma-Invested Practices to Meet Students' Needs
by Kristin Van Marter Souers and Pete Hall


QRG_IntegratingSEL_240X240Integrating SEL into Everyday Instruction
by Nancy Frey, Dominique Smith, and Douglas Fisher


QRG_TeachingFiveSEL_240X240Teaching the Five SEL Skills All Students Need
by Thomas R. Hoerr


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Social-Emotional Learning

Fostering the growth of the whole child by building relationships and connections that enable you to respond to the social and emotional needs of your fellow educators and students. Learn how to build these powerful connections and nurture trauma-sensitive schools while integrating social-emotional learning strategies into everyday learning.


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