Transform your school through the proven ASCD Whole Child Approach

As an educator, you have a tough job ahead of you—to promote the long-term development and success of each student in your care.

That's the ASCD Whole Child approach to education.

What is the Whole Child Approach?

A whole child approach to education redefines a successful learner as one that is knowledgeable, emotionally and physically healthy, civically inspired, engaged in the arts, prepared for work and economic self-sufficiency, and ready for the world beyond formal schooling.

Our framework moves us beyond a definition of success that is measured only by academic achievement and focuses on five tenets designed to measure how well your school is serving students:

  • Healthy: Each student enters school healthy and learns about and practices a healthy lifestyle.
  • Safe: Each student learns in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for students and adults.
  • Engaged: Each student is actively engaged in learning and is connected to the school and broader community.
  • Supported: Each student has access to personalized learning and is supported by qualified, caring adults.
  • Challenged: Each student is challenged academically and prepared for success in college or further study and for employment and participation in a global environment.



Bring the ASCD Whole Child Approach to Your School or District

Your State has Adopted the Whole Child Initiative. What’s Next?

Partner with ASCD to move from a vision about educating the whole child to sustainable, collaborative actions. The ASCD Whole Child Learning Package gives you a systematic approach to drive implementation and embed a culture that promotes the long-term development and success of all children. We help educators, families, community members, and policymakers move from a vision about educating the whole child to sustainable, collaborative action.  

What Do You Get from the Whole Child Learning Package?

The Whole Child Learning Package follows a logic model for optimization:  Engage, Design, Act, Review and Modify. Our thought leadership team works collaboratively with you to help identify your needs and move through strategic plan to create a sustainable program.


Workshop 1

Build a Foundation, Identify Your Team, and Involve Stakeholders

Workshop 2

Understanding Where
You Are and Where You Are Going

Workshop 3

Review Your Results and Create a Story

Workshop 4

Problem of Practice

Workshop 5

Complete Your Action Planner and Start Your Journey

Workshop 6

Reflect on Process and Outcomes

Workshop 7

Modify and Plan for the New School Year

Workshop 8

Sustainability and Celebration

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